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Orléans, Loiret (45), FRANCE

Sun: 05:55->21:54


45 Tours Fishing is a fishing guide specialized in Asp, Black-Bass and Pike fishing in the Loiret in FRANCE.

These excursions can take place from the shore, by wading or by boat, through the various landscapes of the department such as the Loire, the canals, the Sologneaux ponds and the rivers.


A native of the Loiret, I start from an observation: fishing here is complicated and therefore sometimes discouraging.
But by adapting your fishing, you can great time.
I will try to demonstrate this to you through the following types of fish fishing:

Black-Bass fishing in the Loiret department

• discovery and learning of baitcasting on Black-Bass
• knowledge and choice of equipment
• reel adjustment (braid or nylon?)
• lures suitable for beginners
• fishing strategy specific to Black-Bass

in the photo: Black-Bass of canal, 45cm up, Loiret
Asp fishing in Loire in wading

• discovery and learning of Asp fishing in Loire
• knowledge and choice of specific equipment in large rivers
• learn to wade safely in the Loire
• lures adapted for Asp according to the seasons
• fishing strategy specific to the Asp

in the photo: an Asp from Loire, 60cm up, Loiret

Pike Fishing from Boat

• discovery and learning of fishing from a boat (Bass Boat)
• knowledge and choice of equipment specific to pike tracking
• manipulation of the electric motor
• reading and interpretation of the sonar
• Power Fishing fishing strategy (“fast and precise fishing”)

in the photo: small river Pike 65cm up, Loiret
Pike fishing in wading in the Loiret

• discovery and learning of wading fishing
• knowledge and choice of equipment suitable for wading
• learn to wade safely in a pond
• lures suitable for fishing in the Loiret
• fishing strategy specific to the department

in the photo: Small Pond Pike, 50cm up, Loiret

Street Fishing in Orléans

• discovery and learning of street fishing
• knowledge and choice of equipment suitable for street/rock fishing
• learn to fish in an urban environment
• adapted “multi-species” lures
• diversity of catches: Asp, Perch, Zander, Pike, Chub etc
• specific fishing strategy “small fish” or not.

in the photo: Small Zander in StreetFishing, 40cm up, Loiret

Birthday, Animation

• discovery and learning of fishing
• boat trip and introduction to navigation
• knowledge and choice of material adapted to the age of the participants
• technical workshops (knots, baitcasting throws, etc.)
• choice of lures depending on the environment and the fish sought
• nature animation around fishing

All Formulas


From €30, find the fishing formula that suits you best.

  • 45 Tours fishing 10h

    The 45 Tours

    (1 day / 10 hours of fishing)

    The most intense formula to be defined with your guide according to your desires and the conditions of the moment.
    Clearly a must to discover fishing in the Loiret!

    To book
    PRICES: 180€* for 1 fisherman, 270€* for 2 fishermen, 300€* for 3 fishermen
  • 45 Tours fishing 5h

    The 1/2 Tour

    (1/2 day / 5 hours of fishing)

    The half-day package that will allow you to fish 1 species well or discover 2.
    Have you never done guiding? This is the ideal formula to try!

    To book
    PRICES: 100€* for 1 fisherman, 150€* for 2 fishermen, 200€* for 3 fishermen
  • 45 Tours fishing 3h

    The evening fishing

    (3 hours of fishing)

    A little evening shot to catch your first Asp or Black-Bass?
    Are you looking for a moment of relaxation after the day? This is the formula!

    To book
    PRICES: 80€* for 1 fisherman, 120€* for 2 fishermen, 150€* for 3 fishermen
  • 45 Tours fishing no limit

    The 45 Tours NO LIMIT

    (sunrise -> sunset / >15 hours of fishing)

    The craziest formula. Pike in Boat + Asp in wading + Black-Bass in baitcasting.
    To keep up the pace, some local products will be offered during the day.
    For information, the legal fishing time today is 16hrs 59mins .
    THE formula for fishing “extremists”!

    To book
    PRICES: €390* for 2 fishermen
  • 45 Tours fishing 5h

    The 1/2 Tour Boat

    (1/2 day / 5 hours of fishing)

    The half-day formula, ideal for 1 fisherman, suitable for 2.
    The ideal formula for pike fishing in the Loiret.

    To book
    PRICES: 120€* for 1 fisherman, 160€* for 2 fishermen
  • 45 Tours fishing 2h

    The "lunch fishing"

    (2 hours of fishing)

    The formula for fishing during the lunch break.
    This offer only applies to Orléans.

    To book
    PRICES: €30* for 1 fisherman, €50* for 2 fishermen, €70* for 3 fishermen

Fishing Guide in pictures


All these photos were taken in Loiret (45 - France)

Your Guide


Nicolas Archambault, Orléans, 42 years old.

Nicolas Archambault, 42 years old and father of 2 children, will guide you in his childhood department: Loiret.

The Loire, the canals and the multiple ponds of the department have been its playgrounds for more than 30 years!

An engineer by training, he likes challenges, complexity, going to the end of things and, of course, sharing his passion.

English speaking during the fishing service

English speaking during the fishing service

STATUS: State qualified fishing guide instructor, Youth & Sports approved

BPJEPS N°: BP4045230002


SIRET number: 94853142100014

SPECIALIZATION: Fishing for predators with shore lures and from a boat




For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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